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Post  William Forge on Tue May 04, 2010 9:42 am

Name: William Forge

Home Planet: Pelorum

Appearance: Noticeably tall, black fuzzy hair, medium/average build and bright blue eyes

Identity Marks: N/A

Age: 19

Height & Weight: 6 Foot 7 inches / 16 stone

Personality: Loyal, respectful, respectable, moral, kind but can be very stubborn.

Brief History: He was born on a resort world. He was raised by a small community of farmers, with very little money or technology to get by. Throughout his childhood he grew bored, restless, in need of something more exciting to do. His parents recognised this and respected it. They set him up with a small security company in one of the planets resorts, but to William it was a technological marvel.

The age of 16 brought him a boatload of skills, as he worked for 2 years on a cargo ship, under the employ for a small cargo postal company.

At the age of 18 he found himself working on Whitefall, as a cargo runner with a company hover craft. Eventually the company went bankrupt and he lost his job, apartment and vehicle. Retaining only the possesions on his person, he has gotten around.

Main Skills: He has a basic understanding of Piloting, Navigation, Engineering and some other ship functions because of his past as a traveller. Also while working with the security company he learned how to handle himself in a fight in nearly any situation. His main traits are that he is a natural survivor, able to make the most of what he has to accommodate any situation.

Personal Item's: On his belt he has utility cases and pouches all belt mounted. Starting clockwise he has a high tech portable cortex handheld in a black hard leather case with a velcro strap holding it in, positioned on his belt between his right hip and his abdomen. A mounted pouch containing all of his money/credits in the reverse; northwest position. Also a portable digital games console in an identical black leather case directly on his right hip with a strap going down his leg to a thigh holster held on by two clip straps around his right leg. In the southeast position on his belt there is a large combat knife, slightly tilted to the right to allow easy access with his right hand.

Own Weapon: Pistol with extended mag + spare (not revolver, but something resembling the USP .45), combat knife.

General Skills: Cooking, Survival skills, natural understanding of complex technology.

Real Name/Nationality: Liam / UK

Do you agree to the rules of this site: Yes

Do you agree to the M-15 Rating of the site: Yes

Role Playing Experience: Very little on forums, but I have role-played in MMORPG's before.

Role Play Example:

The coin made a satisfying 'ping' noise as he flipped it with a flick of his thumb. He was trying to decide whether to head out now or later. Heads for now, tails for later. He caught the coin in his palm and opened slowly. With a deep sigh he tucked the coin back into his wallet pouch and began walking through the marketplace. The abundance of people made him uncomfortable, as he was much more used to clear open spaces of sparsely populated worlds.

Are you a member of any of the Linked sites: No
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William Forge  -  New Character Empty Re: William Forge - New Character

Post  Nolan Law on Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:23 pm

Hey buddy if your still intrested we have moved and I would like to invite you top the new site (Link up on the main page)

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