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Nightfall and equipment

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Nightfall and equipment Empty Nightfall and equipment

Post  Nolan Law on Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:34 pm

This is the Information on the Firefly Ship Nightfall and it's equipment.

The Mule:
A hover vehicle capable of carrying four members plus lots of cargo. Because of the fact of it being hover terrain has no effect to this baby. Yet the Mule has no weapons of any sort fitted.

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The interior of the ship has two levels or decks. The upper deck starts at the head of the ship, with the bridge area. This leads to the neck corridor, which contains ladders down the crew quarters, an airlock to Serenity’s exterior in a small side corridor, and connects the bridge to the rest of the ship. Next along is the dining area and kitchen, which is followed by another passageway leading to the engine room at the rear of the ship. The lower deck starts with the main airlock, which leads directly into the cargo bay. Behind the cargo bay is a common area and the ship's infirmary. At the back end of the lower deck is a number of passenger quarters, ranging in size from small rooms (used by the characters) to small tubes like those in Japanese capsule hotels (not seen in detail on screen).[20] The two decks are linked by stairwells between the neck and the cargo bay, and between the aft passageway and the common area. A network of gantries around the walls of the cargo bay extend from the nearby stairwells, and also provide access to the ship's two short-range shuttlecraft, one of which is hired out to Inara as her place of residence and business.

Nol's Motorcycle:

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